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Tips for Packing

Tips for Packing


Packing for a cropping weekend can be overwhelming.  Below are tips to help you pack for your getaway weekend without feeling weighted down.


Label all your luggage: you can use luggage tags, colored ribbons, etc.  When everyone has luggage that is the same or similar, labeling makes it easier to identify your items. 


What are you working on during your weekend? Make every moment count; be realistic about your goals.  Pack only the supplies you will need in order to complete those goals.  The more you plan the more you will get done so the key is to plan ahead. J


Bring your camera:  You will want to document your pampered weekend at Croppin at the Lake! 



Supplies we have available for you to use at your convenience.


·        Small and Large Cricut

·        Cricut cartridges: Click here for a list of Cricut cartridges
Sizzix with several die-cuts

·        Sidekick

·        Cuttlebug

·        Paper cutters/personal trimmers  

·        Decorative scissors

·        Punches

·        Rubber stamps

·        Computers and printers with specialty fonts

·        Idea books & magazines  

·        Great lighting

·        Comfy chairs and cushions

·        Personal fans

·        Personal trashcan

·        Cup holder


If you have any questions about supplies we have, don’t hesitate to call or email us.

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