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Picture a getaway weekend all to yourself!
Situated in a relaxing lakefront property, this setting allows you to crop non-stop without interruption. You can even crawl out of bed and crop in your PJ's if you wish!

Your weekend at Croppin at the Lake, Inc is all about you!  We are open every weekend all year long.  Come prepared to relax and crop the weekend away.  At Croppin at the Lake, you will have access to the cropping room and all of our supplies, free WIFI, cable, movies, fresh linens, nice cozy beds, a full kitchen with all the kitchen supplies as well as the wonderful view of the lake.  You can arrive as early as noon on Friday, set up your cropping area and begin your relaxing weekend.  You are welcome to utilize the kitchen to prepare food or there are several restaurants located nearby.  As you crop, crop, crop, maybe you need a break… perhaps a rest on the large porch facing the lake, or relaxing on the swing on the X-large dock, or even a trip to the outlet mall.  The mall is just minutes away, allowing you to get back for more cropping.  Feel free to crop ‘til dawn if you wish.  You can grab a few winks before Sunday morning to get you motivated to put the final touches on those last few pages before the 2:00 PM checkout time.  You are not going to want to go home.  


"A unique experience with a relaxing atmosphere, located directly on the beautiful Lake of the Ozarks." 

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